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Nora Ephron reminded me (during her comments in Julie/Julia) that Dehillerin was **the** place then and now to shop for your <<batterie de cuisine>>, especially for copper ware.  After I walked around Julie Child’s neighborhood, I decided to visit Dehillerin.

Copper Cookware!!

Copper Cookware!!

From 81 Roo de Loo to the temple of everything even Julia Child desired as kitchen equipment, I ended up using two bus lines, which means using two tickets — the one and only disadvantage to using the buses over the underground metro.  [update here — I didn’t need to use two tickets.  One ticket is good for 90 minutes.  You simply put the same ticket into the <<composter>> (validation machine)  on your subsequent bus(es). The ticket machines are smarter than I am.]  Once again the advantage was a street level trip that crossed the Seine over the  Pont Royale and then traveled up the right bank of the Seine past the southern arm of the Louvre towards the Isle de la Cité with unobstructed views all around.  My trip beginning from 81 Roo de Loo started at line 69 at the Pont Royale/Quai Voltaire stop to the Hotel de Ville and then taking line 74, also the Hotel de Ville stop.  One descends at Pont Neuf – Quai du Louvre and then walks/rolls to Rue Coquillère.  La Voilá.

The shop is not at all accessible, but the location is delightful, on a little square with no car traffic, just a Vélib station.

Paris bike rental station - vélib

Paris bike rental station – vélib