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Julia Child and Nora Ephron are closely associated for me because of the film Julie & Julia, but I was a fan of both long before the movie came out.  After many attempts at finding <<81 Rue de l’Université>> (Roo de Loo as Julia Child called it), I was finally successful last year.  There is nothing remarkable or marked at all about this location.  However it is located in a delightful neighborhood behind the National Assembly.  Here’s what 81 Roo de Loo looked like when I was there in 2012.

81 Rue de l'Université

81 Rue de l’Université

I’m updating this older post now in February 2014.  I’ve always been drawn to Julia Child and her connections in Paris.  Subsequent blog entries pull me in deeper.  I’ll be taking a couple of 1/2 day classes at Le Cordon Bleu in July.  One of the classes focuses on how to shop at a Parisian open air market and then how to prepare what you’ve selected.

Other blog posts have found me contemplating how to cope with the demise of several lovely authentic Bistros.  Happily, I just happened to notice in the photo here in the lower right hand corner those encouraging words “Bistro” and “Restaurant”.  The photo was taken in 2012.  I will investigate this dining location and perhaps add it to my growing list of warm and welcoming dining establishments.

The several bus lines that will take you to 81 Roo de Loo are all UFR accessible.  Perhaps the Bistro/Resto is too.  Stay tuned.