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The very “busy” (hard to read/navigate) French National Monuments website list only one Metro line and five bus lines that will take you to Sainte-Chapelle; bus lines 21, 27, 38, 85 and 96.  Lines 21, 38, 85 and 96 will drop you off right in front of St. Chapelle.  Line 27 has a stop at St. Michel (along with **every** other bus and a couple of metro lines).  If you take line 27 you get to walk/roll across the Pont St. Michel to the Ile de la Cité.  Other than the annoying street traffic it’s a nice short stroll.

Visiting St. Chapelle itself might prove more challenging that simply getting there.  In the previous century I was able to practically walk right in.  Nowadays I see very long queues.  If you get to this destination and are discouraged by the long lines, I have an alternative visit possibility.

According the the Wall Street Journal “A forty-year project to restore SainteChapelle’s stained-glass windows will be completed soon.”  I recall my 1982 visit when I took a photo (on film!) of this fun English translation of information about the restoration.

1984 St. Chapelle restoration sign

1984 St. Chapelle restoration sign