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The word is spelled the same in both languages.  The French version places the emPHAsis on accesSIble but the meaning is similar in both languages.  Accessibility accommodations are good for 100% of us.  All the Paris buses have BOTH these signs inside the middle of the bus.  Pictures/graphics can be wonderfully helpful.  In many cases you don’t need a translation if you can look at an understandable sign.

Reserved for "ma pousette"

Reserved for “ma pousette”

Reserved for "Rollers"

Reserved for “Rollers”

In French wheelchairs are called <<fauteuil roulant>> as shown on the image above.  Most of the other words on the sign are similar to English, except perhaps the smaller print “instructions”.  You can get an adequate online translation, but the smaller print basically says to position yourself with your back toward the front of the bus snuggly against the inside wall and put your brakes on.  Allons-y!