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In the US, we are able to “join” or “subscribe” to an organization/museum/etc.  In 2012 I was researching aspects associated with accessibility for Paris visitors.  Visiting the Louvre is on the top lists of Paris attractions, so I intended to make several visits during my stay.  I calculated that purchasing an annual membership would be cost effective, so off I went in search of “how to join” the museum.  One bureau/office looked promising and I rehearsed my French sentences before pulling up my socks and entering.  I tried to qualify for either a student or professional membership and failed at both.  Crestfallen, I exited the room but then thankfully noticed something across the way about <<Adhésion Particulier – Société des Amis du Louvre>>.  I was welcomed with (almost) open arms and proudly became an Adhérent(e?).  The membership card makes a lovely souvenir too “:-)”.

The Card has its Privileges.

The Card has its Privileges!