I’ve been downloading and reading the Paris bus maps.  I “slice” some of them to include my blogs.  While reviewing one of my favorite routes I noticed a yellow triangle next to the street name and saw that the symbol meant that particular stop is not accessible  <<aux UFR>>; UFR is the French acronym for <<Utilisateurs de Fauteuil Roulant>> “wheelchair users”.  This non-UFR stop is not typical, but you can see the indication on Bus Line 21 traveling toward Porte de Gentilly at the Palais Royal – Comédie Française stop.  It’s a limitation of the street and curb.

Rare non-accessible bus stop

Rare non-accessible bus stop

All buses on all lines are accessible/accessible.

I’ve encountered lots of jack hammering street work over the years.  Sometimes this work even improves things.  The EU passed legislation around 2005 requiring improvements in accessibility.  I understand that hotels and other public buildings must include accessibility considerations when making major renovations.  Allons-y!