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I put this title in the plural because there are two/(or three) locations associated with this English language and profoundly important bookstore.  The delightfully evocative store is now located at 37 rue de la Bûcherie.

37 due de la Bûcherie

37 due de la Bûcherie

In 2012 I lived just to the right and up a block.  An earlier Shakespeare & Co. location was at 12 rue de l’Odéon.  The very first location was at 8 rue Dupuytren just around the corner from rue de l’Odéon.  I’ve enjoyed walking around this earlier Shakespeare and Co. neighborhood in the 6th arrondissement.  It is less hectic and more charming than the MM&M (Museums, Monuments & Mobs) areas.   Bus line 63 travels down the Boulevard Saint Germain and is great way to orient yourself for subsequent visits to Deux Magots, Café de Flore, and Brasserie Lipp.  All of these places have deep connections to 20th century literary America and France and they still provide food and drinks for world weary souls (or simply tired tourists “:-)”.

I believe all English language speakers/readers will enjoy a visit to the current Shakespeare & Co. location.  The location is wheelchair accessible, although the bookstore itself wasn’t.  The area around the bookstore is very tourist friendly and you’ll have an unobstructed view of my local church.