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This is yet another 6th arrondissement treasure I hadn’t visited until last year. The Cluny Museum is located at 6 Place Paul Painlevé (technically in the 5th but right next to the 6th arrondissement “;-)”. The bus lines that take you to the Cluny are; 27, 21 (one of my favorites), 38, 85, 87, 63, 96, in other words <<beaucoup>>!  I can provide information specific to your location and timetable.  Contactez -moi.

The Cluny Garden was UFR accessible and is both a jewel and an oasis available to all of us.  I didn’t discover any UFR accessible visits within the museum itself.  I’ll check this out again on my next visit.  The Cluny is much more than you’d expect, but that’s frequently true of sites you’ll visit in Paris.  In addition to an astonishing exhibit focused on the <<Moyen Age>>, the site was Roman before there was the <<Moyen Age>>.  So there is the Roman foundation <<thermes gallo-romains>> and Roman artifacts on display. There was also an exhibit of the retrieved statuary heads of the old testament kings taken from Notre Dame Cathedral that got the axed and dumped during the Revolution due to the anti-king sentiments of the time.  

The <<Pièce de Résistance>> (a lovely Franglish phrase “:-)” is the tapestry collection dating around 1500 that includes <<La Dame à la Licorne>>.

The Lady and the Unicorn

The Lady and the Unicorn

The Cluny website has a Press Release in French and English regarding an updating of the exhibition room.  I’ll post a couple of relevant paragraphs in my Franglish section for your edification and amusement.