Taking a public bus in Paris is **nothing** like taking a bus anywhere else on the planet.  In the USofA using the public bus system is usually viewed as a punishment.  Being a bus rider is definitely un-chic. This is mostly because US public bus systems are underfunded, overloaded, unreliable and generally unpleasant.

Paris buses are clean, run frequently, and are UFR/stroller/walker accessible.  They travel above ground in the world’s most beautiful city.  You can look out the enormous bus windows and see Paris all around you.

Beautiful Paris bus with huge windows

Beautiful Paris bus with huge windows

If you take the Metro you will see the subterranean world beneath Paris until you pop up “mole-like” and disoriented onto the street level.  The top two reasons you should try taking a bus in Paris are

  1. You get to ride above ground **IN PARIS!**
  2. There are more bus lines that take you closer to more places than the Metro (note the example in Le Cordon Bleu pour tous!)
Let me teach you how to use the fabulous Paris bus system and become liberated.  Allons-y!