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Anyone who know anything about the George V Hotel will laugh out loud (LOL as they say nowadays) at the mere idea that someone staying there would stoop to take the bus in order to get to the Louvre.  Then again …

I was having lunch with a group of Palo Alto women today.  Most of them are very familiar with Paris and visit regularly.  I was going on a bit about my upcoming stay and asked one of the women if she had plans to visit Paris.  She indicated that she wasn’t likely to visit Paris again due to mobility limitations, etc.  After I got (on and) off my accessibility soap box, I asked her what Paris memories she cherished.  “Staying at the George V on my honeymoon with my first husband.” (Notice, “first husband”, not current or last “:-)”.  My ears perked up at “George V” (it sounds like “George Sank” in Franglish).  Just for grins I checked out the beautiful George V website which is totally affordable to all of us.

It turns out that **I ** could stay at the George V instead of my studio for about $40,000 (approximately 3 weeks).  And, they have UFR accessible rooms too!  Even if you’re well off enough to stay at a luxurious hotel you’ll still want to visit Parisian sites.  Join us on the bus!  Here’s the RATP recommended bus route from the George V to the Louvre. 

Bus route from George V to the Louvre

Bus route from the George V to the Louvre

Walk down the Avenue George V towards the river.  Take bus line 72 at Alma- Marceau <<direction Hotel de Ville>>.  The RATP recommends that you descend at Quai Francois Mitterrand but I’d recommend you descend at Pont Royal if you’d like to try my favorite Louvre entrance at the Porte des Lions.