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After spending approximately $40,000 for a 3 week stay at the George V (in my dreams “;-)”, I spent some time at the RATP website calculating whether I should buy an unlimited pass or a “carnet” and replenish it as needed.  At this moment a carnet goes for 13,30€.  A 1 day unlimited pass costs 10,55€, so it seems as if buying a pass is a better deal.  However, if you’re spending time actually visiting Paris rather than madly scampering about, it might make more sense to grab a bunch of individual tickets that you can use **any day**.

Here’s the pricing table for unlimited travel passes as of today.

Unlimited RATP pass prices (as of today)

Unlimited RATP pass prices (as of today)

Paris Centre will get you everywhere any self respecting tourist wants to go.  I noticed they include prices for children <<les enfants>>.  The footnote indicates that for RATP purposes childhood ends at 10 years (sigh).

I’m suggesting that 4 or 6 bus voyages a day will get you there and back and somewhere else too.  My calculation looks like this.  1,33€ per carnet ticket x 6 (max) trips = ~8€ which is < 10,55€.   If you save ~2,55€ a day, you’ll be able to afford to stay at the George V in less than 40 years!

As much as I love using the bus system, I love being in Paris more.  BTW, the tickets and pass work for the Metro and RER too, but you **really should** take the bus.  Allons-y!