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Poilâne is the most famous and best known name of all the insanely driven <<meilleur boulanger de France>> folks who make bread in France.  I haven’t visited any of the Poilâne boutiques in Paris yet but I certainly will this year.  However, back in 2012 I was delighted to find <<Pain Poilâne>> being sold at my local Paris chain grocery store.  I bought the bread and took the photo you see here in the store.

The bread was dense, chewy, sourdough tangy and delicious especially when toasted and spread with the sweet butter and strawberry jam that I also purchased at my ordinary Paris grocery store.  I celebrated my good fortune at every breakfast with coffee and toast (recipe above).

While doing some on-line research for my “Bread to Pig’s Feet by Bus” post, I bumped into some significant information about <<Pain Poîlane>>.  It turns out that there are two different Boulanger Poîlane.  They are/were brothers; Lionel (1945-2002) and Max.  Max’s bread is sold at his 15th arrondissement boutique and in my Paris grocery store.  Lionel’s bread is sold at several locations in Paris and shipped all over the <<Pain Poîlane>> obsessed world.

I will begin my upcoming “Pain Poîlane Research” at Lionel’s enterprise on 8 rue du Cherche-Midi in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood.  Here’s the RATP bus voyage recommendation starting from my studio.

Bus RATP Ligne 96 from Saint-Michel direction Gare Montparnasse up to Michel Debre

Looking closer at the RATP detailed map, I see that my destination is at the intersection of Cherche-Midi, Rue du Dragon and Rue du Vieux Colombier!  I think I’ll walk to this particular Pain Poîlane Boutique when I find myself already in the 6th Arrondissement.

Both branches of the <<Pain Poîlane>> tree have shops in the 15th; Max’s branch is on Rue Brancion and Lionel’s at Boulevard de Grenelle.  Max’s is easy for me to get to with practically no walking (Line 96 to 95, the 3 minute walking part being <<au bord de la Siene>>).  I’ll make another post about my plans to get to (Lionel’s) Boutique Poîlane on Boulevard de Grenelle later.

<<Malheuresement>> there is a feud between the Poîlane family branches. It saddens me to think about their quarrels over the beautiful, delicious, wholesome and fundamentally life sustaining bread that they both make.