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I’m not going to invite you to meet me for dinner at La Tour d’Argent as in “Let’s meet for coffee” at Deux Magots.  And if you are planning a Tour d’Argent visit, you will not arrive there by bus (even though it is possible “:-)”.  Most of my blog readers know that Tour d’Argent has been (past tense) one of very few excruciatingly exclusive <<Michelin Trois Étoiles>> or “Michelin Three Star” restaurants.  In the Michelin rating system three stars is the top rank. As of this blog post there are nine Michelin Three Star establishments in Paris with an additional seventeen in the rest of the entire country of France.

Famous restaurant, nice view too

Famous restaurant, nice view too

Tour d’Argent has dropped a couple of stars within the last decade. The restaurant was founded in 1582 and was noted for its elegance and cuisine in 1824.  By contrast the Michelin restaurant rating system was begun a mere century ago.  I think we should all consider taking a longer perspective regarding what’s “the best” and what’s not at the moment.  A century here or there is particularly insignificant in Paris.  Construction on the church shown in window was begun in 1163, approximately 10 centuries ago.

Tour d’Argent’s signature dish is pressed duck made in a **very** traditional manner.  I asked someone who had dined there last year if they had ordered the duck.  They were proud to confirm that they had.  And in addition they had also selected an exquisite and astoundingly expensive wine. They assured me that it was a truly memorable meal (with perhaps more accolades given to wine than the duck).

In this current century I can virtually visit La Tour d’Argent anytime my internet connection is working.  I am even “virtually” imagining an in person/research visit (and herewith officially warning my accountant).  Thanks again to a working internet connection I can study the menu (and prices) prior to a visit.

I’d like to encourage those of you who desire a fine dining experience in Paris (Michelin starred establishments in particular) to checkout the restaurant’s website and menu prior to your arrival.  I’d be delighted to assist you with research and perhaps even join you for a <<degustation>> “:-)”. Bon Appetit!