In my C D G (I did it again…) post I said “I’ve tried ’em all and I still can’t say definitively which one is the best” way to get from the airport into the the city of Paris.

Well no, I hadn’t tried ’em all.  I was reminded by my dearest friend during her most recent excursion to Paris that her French Parisian family told her to take the Roissy Bus.  Huh?  I thought Roissy was the old name of the airport before it became Charles de Gaulle.  But now I see that CDG also includes the word Roissy and if you want to know why you can read the wikipedia entry.

map image of the CDG-Roissy airport

CDG is also Roissy-CDG

Anyhow, I verified that she thought it was a perfectly reasonable way to get from the airport to the city, so I decided to give it try. Yep, it was perfectly reasonable and I believe a much better option than taking the RER. Unfortunately it isn’t really accessible.  There are steps into the bus and I didn’t see any alternative.

Image of Le Bus Direct

Voici Le Bus Direct!

The Roissy Bus is now called Le Bus Direct and it has taken over the older and fondly remembered Air France shuttle I took in the previous century.  You can get a bus ticket from a user-friendly kiosk a short distance from your final airline arrival exit.  The boarding location is an even shorter distance just outside.  The ticketing kiosk offers language options and even though I think my French is better than it’s ever been I selected “English”.  It reduced my stress level and nobody cares if I can’t pull off a French interaction after a day-plus of traveling and getting through customs and collecting my luggage and finding the nearest bathroom.

So I will give my personal “thumbs up” to taking Le Bus Direct from the airport to the city.  And I’ll write another post about how to get from where Le Bus Direct deposits you (Opèra in my case) to your hotel, or airB&B, or personal pied-à-terre or chateau in Paris proper.